DJ Storm - Omaha, NE

LNRP is what's up.  I'm going on my 5th year with this record pool and hte music is readily available online or on DVD.  I never have had a problem, I get exclusives, early releases, and special requests.  This keeps my mixes fresh and on FYRE!!


DJ Episode - Des Moines, IA (Late Night Productions Co-Founder)

"The Think, when we first started this little company called Late Night Productions we were just some passionate DJs who loved to do what we do.  We wanted to share that passion with the world and continue to do so.  When it comes to clean precision accurate tools for DJs.  Late Night REcord Pool is the only place that delivers every time without fail and with a personal touch.  LNRP is built by "Working DJs" and here to stay for "Working DJs"


DJ Fly1 - Santa Ana, CA (FlyVibes Studios)

"LNRP and CEO have done a kick ass job in bridging the gap between traditional "old school" record pools and the modern day "digital pools".  i"im a click away from all the hottest tracks, not to mention tons of exclusives, remixes, while still feeling like i'm a part of a family.  No question LNRP is the #1 pool out there"


DJ D-Mixx - Las Vegas, NV (KPLV/Tao)

"Late night record pool has given me the best music sources available and that helps me make an impact on the music scene here in Las Vegas. I look forward to every shipment of music like it's Christmas and Late Night is always on top of getting us the latest tools we need to be the best in the game." 

DJ Dolo - Boston, MA (The Greatest Bar/Rawkstar DJ)

"Late Night REcord Pool has not only given me access to the latest music need for my gigs but they have provided me with something that no other record pool can:  the sense of family and community.  The service is second to none and the staff is always there to help you out with anything you need.  I have been a member for over 5 years and do not plan on switching.

DJ Eric Forbes - Las Vegas, NV (Studio 54/Tabu Ultra Lounge)

“Late Night MP3 Pool is the best I have ever dealt with for sure. Not only is the music on fire but this pool is like a family! Excellent communication, professional, and necessary if u are a dj in the club, lounge or radio scene”

DJ Timebomb - Des Moines, IA (VIP Iowa/Beechwood Lounge)

"The Late Night MP3 Pool has kept me up to date with the club vibe and also hooked up some new stuff to keep me on top of things in the music scene"

DJ V - Pensacola, FL (Bommerzzz/Speakerboxx DJz)

"Late Night Record Pool hands down is one of the best pools I have ever been in! Music is sent faster than most pools and all in great quality. I do small club, bar, and private parties. With the music that I get serviced I can make everyone here in the Florida scene very satisfied"

DJ Fusion - Madison, WI (Speakerboxxx DJz/Transmission FM)

“Late Night Record Pool is one of the few pools that caters to the DJ’s needs not just the labels needs.  We are prominently kept up with not just 1 genre of music, but everything.  There is nothing we don’t get, making us all well rounded, more diverse DJ’s in our markets.”

DJ Qwest - St Louis, MO (SpinStar/KSLZ/QwestKicks)

"Was introduced to Late Night through a friend in 2005. Since then, my crates have remained deep, received superb service and connected with DJs across the US. MONEY WELL SPENT"

DJ NRG - Boston, MA

"With technology making it easier for anybody to step into the DJ game, getting your hands on the newest and hottest music is crucial.  Late Night supplies me with the latest singles covering all genres so that I am one step ahead of my competitors and my crowd!"


DJ Ataxic - Kansas City, MO (Soul Providers)

“Late Night Record Pool has been the backbone of my success as a DJ.  Not only do I get all of the hottest hip hop tracks as soon as they are released, but I get the dopest Underground Hip Hop, Rock, House and Latin music.  This is what helps me stay diverse in my mixes both in the club and on my mixtapes.  I also get personalized drops from some of the biggest names in the music industry.  Without Late Night, I would be just another DJ playing the same old tracks as everyone else.”

DJ D-Struct - Minneapolis, MN

Late Night record pool has been the best source to stay current with all genres of music. After floating around with different record pools I can say with out a doubt that Late Night is the best in the country. I also attribute the speed to which i receive music to help me become the #3 crossover dj in Minneapolis while only spinning there for 6 months.

DJ Wally Sparks - Chattanooga, TN (WJTT, WBFA, Sirius 40 Hip-Hop Nation)

"Late Night Record Pool is the best digital record pool out there. I feel confident saying that because it's the only one I've ever joined"